Monday, 25 January 2010

Eley Kishimoto 3D prints

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of leading fashion duo Eley Kishimoto, SHOWstudio commissioned thirteen screen-based works featuring and interpreting the designers' signature prints. Each allocated a different Eley Kishimoto fabric pattern and the simple brief to 'bring it to life' in their own inimitable styles, SHOWstudio contributors have approached the task in provocative and surprising ways.

Kaarsrecht Kruk by Pascal Smelik

Dutch graduate designer Pascal Smelik has made an aluminium table cast from hot wax poured into cold water.

Artist Graham Little

Painted textured surfaces on 3d forms

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Scottish artist / illustrator David Galletly fireplace from his blog

This was part of the How Children Learn show with RueFive last May. David says 'Working in the Changing Room was a great opportunity to try out some new things. We were keen to work on a larger scale and try out some new things. This structure emerging from the fireplace was one of the first ideas we developed.'

Monday, 18 January 2010

Paper Cut

Slash: Paper Under The Knife

October 7, 2009 - April 4, 2010 New York

An exhibition devoted to artists who do more than put pencil to paper, 'Slash: Paper Under the Knife' - the latest show from New York's Museum of Arts and Design - will feature a range of new works by artists who have taken the medium at more than mere face value.

Passing Time -clock

passing time

Wolplamuur by Heleen Klopper

Amsterdam designer Heleen Klopper has been awarded the €5,000 “incentive prize” at Doen Materiaalprijs 2009 for her system for mending holes in woolen fabric.

Roy Godden Lecture Series, London, UK

2010 Jan 2010

Textile/Digital lecture at the Royal College


Decode: Digital Design Sensations showcases the latest developments in digital and interactive design, from small, screen-based, graphics to large-scale interactive installations. The exhibition includes works by established international artists and designers such as Daniel Brown, Golan Levin, Daniel Rozin, Troika and Karsten Schmidt. The exhibition features both existing works and new commissions created especially for the exhibition.
Decode is a collaboration between the V&A and onedotzero, a contemporary arts organisation operating internationally with a remit to promote innovation across all forms of moving image and interactive arts.
The exhibition explores three themes: Code presents pieces that use computer code to create new works and looks at how code can be programmed to create constantly fluid and ever-changing works. Interactivity looks at works that are directly influenced by the viewer. Visitors will be invited to interact with and contribute to the development of the exhibits. Network focuses on works that comment on and utilise the digital traces left behind by everyday communications and looks at how advanced technologies and the internet have enabled new types of social interaction and mediums of self-expression.
Decode will be on display in The Porter Gallery. Exhibits can also be found on the V&A Exhibition Road fa├žade, in the Grand Entrance, John Madejski Garden and South Kensington tunnel, at the bottom of the stairs to the National Art Library (Staircase L), as well as in the Science Museum.