Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Soft-Maps (c)

Soft-Maps (c) are quilted maps of cities and neighborhoods that represent someone's unique place in the world

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Stefan Sagmeister Banana wall design

Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far at Stefan Sagmeisters exhibition at Deitch Gallery in New York City.

Look at Stefan Sagmeisters website for questions for students about running a design studio !

Clothes by Lamija Suljevic

Fashion designer Lamija Suljevic of Sweden has unveiled her latest collection of one-off, hand-made clothes. The one-off pieces combine hand processes including braiding, embroidery, pleating and crochet. Her work will be on show at Stockholm Fashion Week this month.
Photos are by Emma J├Ânsson Dysell.

Here’s some text from Lamija Suljevic take from :

On the one hand she’s allowing her childhood memories to play and unfold in a romantic, Parisian vision.Where floating volume contrasts elegance touch, finding this delicate border between beauty and brutality.With braiding, embroidery, pleats and laces the little girl’s playfulness is mixed with avant-garde details and inspired handwork.Her ultimate goal has always been to bring back the hand-made.On the other hand, her work is always ready to push boundaries between art and luxurious fashion.Lamija presently creates one of a kind clothing by appointment in Stockholm.